Our Story

Migoto Boba was founded in February 2022. We are America’s first and top Michelin-level tea beverage brand.

Migoto Boba is the lead brand in the tea beverage industry, as we guarantee that each drink is filled with real fruit, taking up over half the cup. Our drinks are all carefully handcrafted.


Our Vision

Our recipes are expertly adapted to the tastes of American consumers, setting us apart in the industry. We’re excited to fill a previously overlooked gap and revolutionize the American tea beverage market. We are committed to supporting our affiliates every step of the way, with a long-term vision of success for all. Join us on this journey to revolutionize the tea beverage industry in America.


Our Concept

We are transforming the age-old tea traditions into new, modern tea rituals that reflect the changing times.

By incorporating the rich and diverse tea cultures of Asia into the Western world, we are creating a unique blend of old and new.

Our aim is to bring a fresh perspective to the tea-drinking experience, one that celebrates both the history and evolution of this beloved beverage.


Our Audience

Our focus is on providing a range of pure and natural dessert beverages that cater to health-conscious individuals who seek high-quality and healthy options. We are committed to sourcing the finest ingredients that meet our strict standards of quality, ensuring that each beverage we serve is both pure and nutritious.