Signature Milk

Boba Milk
Coco Boba
Lime Coconut
Sakura Matcha
Matcha Jasmine

Strawberry Cow
Avocado Latte
Dirty Taro
Taro Coconut
Mango Blossom
Peach Mango Cona

Signature Fresh Fruit Tea

Dragon Bomb
Berry Blast
Strawberry Kiwi

New England Lemon Tea
Honey Jasmine Green Tea

Fresh Fruits Slushy

Rose Grapefruit
Strawberry Watermelon
Dragon Kiwi Pineapple
Golden Peach
Mango Orange
Mango Passion
Orange Cream
Pina Colada
Mix Berries

Original Milk Tea

Original oolong leaf, roasted and stir-fried at high temperature Unique “three steams and three bubbles” tea-brewing method.

Extracted from the original leaf, full of milk fragrance, tea flavor, sticky pearls.

Low-calorie, delicious, and healthy

Strawberry Oolong Milk Tea

Seasonal, sweet strawberries, combined with a original tea fragrance and pleasant flower fragrance, as the rich and creamy milk elevates this experience to the next level, creating a luxurious drinking experience.

Sip on the smooth oolong tea, as the sweet and sour notes of the strawberries mingle with the gentle milk, leaving you with a perfectly balanced and refreshing taste.

Strawberry Cow

Large organic strawberries repeatedly washed, and half a pound poured into the cup. Refreshing and appetizing, with a delicate and soft texture. “Half a pound of strawberries and half a pound of milk,” half fruity sour, half sweet, refreshing in every sip.

Mango Blossom

Soft, sweet, and glutinous, Thai Jinggu big mango puree with rich coconut cream. Migoto’s special “rocking method” produces a thick coconut milk and cream layer, resulting in a creamy and indulgent flavor that is both refreshing and sweet.

Close your eyes and take a sip to be transported to the beaches of Thailand, where the sea breeze and sunset are right before your eyes.

Dirty Taro

Straight from Japan, we present the exquisite combination of sweet purple potato and thick, tender taro.

Cooked to perfection, Migoto’s special “rocking method” takes the texture of this drink to a whole new level, resulting in a sandy, soft, and dense mouthfeel that will leave you speechless. Take a sip and let the thick creamy taste of the purple sweet potato and rich taro flood your taste buds with pure deliciousness, making you want to savor every last drop.

Peach Mango Coconut

Golden mango and peach from Southeast Asia, blended into a rich golden fruit puree combined with organic coconut milk create a golden drink that is a blend of mix flavors.

This delicious and refreshing drink is perfect for anyone who loves the tropical sweetness of Southeast Asia.

Taro Coconut

After more than 35 rounds of recipe adjustments, the sweet and creamy combination of taro and organic thick coconut milk creates a specially crafted drink that resembles the first bite of ice cream on a summer day under a coconut tree. This drink will bring you to a tropical paradise.

Berry Blast

High-quality blackberries, sweet raspberries, and large blueberries make up half the drink. These deliciously sweet and refreshing berries have a pleasant tartness, are rich in vitamins and dietary fiber, and are perfect for promoting beauty and skin health.

Kiwi Lime

Kiwi and lime, both rich in vitamin C, with a vibrant green color that is pleasing to the eye. With every sip, you’ll enjoy a mouthful of delicious green juice and a refreshing feeling that fills your heart.

Rose Oolong Grape

Taste the refreshing blend of romantic rose petals, crisp oolong tea, and juicy green and purple grapes. Together, they create a colorful bouquet that unlocks the gateway to a summer garden and takes you on a romantic journey amidst a sea of blooming flowers.

Orange Cream

Double portions of fresh juicy oranges with one portion of thick cream, perfectly balanced fruit-to-cream ratio, create a wonderful taste.

Dragon Lychee

Experience the delicate sweetness of white lychee, the refreshing and slightly tangy taste of yellow pineapple, and the sweet smoothness of red dragon fruit. All the sweetness, tartness, and silkiness of a sunset are captured in a single cup.

Honey Fruits
Hot Tea

A variety of real fruits such as juicy oranges, golden lemons, large-fleshed grapefruits, and small-seeded passion fruits are mixed with sweet honey from the ranch and simmered for 30 minutes. The result is a tasty, warm drink that is rich and not overly sweet.

Brown Sugar
Red Jujube
Ginger Tea

This drink is full of oriental
characteristics and holds the essence of Chinese health preservation. Enjoy a hot cup during the cold winter, letting the warmth spread from your stomach to your heart.

Osmanthus Tea

Sweet osmanthus paired with tangy
orange juice, a cross-dimensional
collaboration of herbal plants and
fruits, bringing satisfying sweetness
and thirst-quenching tanginess.

Fruit Ade

Fresh fruit juice with dense
bubbles, a refreshing and tangy
taste, and extremely low-calorie
content, makes it a guilt-free
choice for fitness enthusiasts